This is why your sales funnel sucks

So many business owners are always wondering if their funnels truly work or if funnels just suck!  They don't know if it is their copy, their content, the people on their list, or if email funnels just don't work for their specific industry in general. Luckily, if you’ve been struggling with writing funnels or getting your funnels to work, I’m here to clear things up and talk you off the ledge. Funnels work, and every entrepreneur can add them to their business, blog, or brand.

The 3 reasons your funnels don’t work:

1.     You’re not attracting the right people.

2.     You’re not solving a compelling problem.

3.     You don’t believe in them or what you’re selling.

#1. Attracting the wrong people

The number one reason why your funnels might not be working is: you’re not attracting the right people.  You might be getting them on your email list for one topic and then selling them on something completely different and not even realize it.  I'll give you an example.  If you’re a fitness trainer, and you get someone on your email list by offering a freebie about clean eating, your service or product should be related to diet. Why? Because the people that signed up because they’re interested in clean eating might not be interested in weight lifting. You cannot attract an audience with a freebie that was different from the core offer. It is very important that we attract the right people, so that the chances of converting them (aka turning them into customers) increase.

Tip: If you’ve been struggling with your funnels, I encourage you audit your current freebies and how well they relate to the thing that you’re offering. 

#2. You're not selling a solution.

The next thing I want you to think about is: are you solving a compelling problem? Is your solution a cure, a pain-killer, or vitamin?  Is it eliminating a problem all together? Is it temporarily solving a problem or is it preventing a problem? By looking at your solutions in this way, you can see if there truly is going to be a demand. People are going to be rushing to find a cure for something, more than they are rushing to buy a vitamin. As a marketer and a business owner, it is your job to make the person feel like it is something they cannot live without. You have to make sure that the way that you communicate the product, the way you communicate the messaging of the service is going to come across urgent and important. 

#3. You're hiding mediocrity behind humility.

The last and most important thing is mindset. Are you drinking your own Kool-Aid? Are you motivated and excited to sell the thing that you have at the end of the funnel? Or are you a little bit nervous, because you know it's something that you half-assed and don't really believe in. If we’re being honest, you’re scared to sound “salesy,” because you don't really know if the thing you’re selling is valuable in the first place. You created it on a whim and are hoping it works. You didn’t validate it to make sure it was worth creating or in demand.

Tough to hear, right? I've been there. 

I've created things that I thought I was excited about.  I've created things that I thought I put my heart and soul into and the finished product was just shitty. It was mediocre, so I had a hard time making money and selling it, because I wasn't enthusiastic. I wasn't drinking my own Kool-Aid, and it showed in the way I wrote my emails, the way I wrote my sales pages, and the way I promoted on social media. All of that effort was in vein, because I didn't believe that I was worthy of the compensation. I didn't believe that what I was putting out was good enough, so I pretended to be humble, when really I knew it was mediocre.

If you feel like you’re not consistent, disciplined or worthy, all of that doubt and all of that confusion are going to ooze over into all of the effort you’re putting forth trying to get paid. We've all been there, it's nothing to be ashamed of, it's not me putting you down, it's me calling out something that we both know has been holding you back for the longest.